E17 Jazz award picE17 picking up the Waltham Forest ‘Love Your Borough’ Arts and Culture award 2012

Our current activity is focused primarily on:

• Monthly gigs at Gnome House second and last Tues of the month

• Twice monthly workshops on the other Tuesdays

Jazz gigs are exciting to watch! Feeling the connection between the musicians, and the audience, the drama of the unfolding improvisations and the incredible musicianship of the players are some of the many reasons to check out our gigs.

The word ‘jazz’ means many things to many people. In fact, there are so many different styles that it makes more sense to think of jazz not as a single style, but rather as an approach to making music. It’s about exploration, collaboration and a willingness to take risks. We hope you’ll join us at our monthly gigs and discover some exciting new music!

The Orford House Social Club is spacious and comfortable, with a decent stage and good acoustics. The seats are very comfy, arranged café-style around tables, and there’s a well-stocked bar.

Our other activity and achievements have included:

  • Winning the Waltham Forest 2012 Arts and Culture award
  • A one-day festival, funded by the Arts Council, which featured a substantial new commission by Liam Noble for our large ensemble

Plus collaborations with:

  • The McGuffin Film Society (we composed, improvised and performed music for their silent film night)
  • Apex Arts (who funded us to explore musical relationships with the Asian community)
  • Friends of Lloyd Park (with whom we co-promoted the summer ‘jazz in the park’ day, drawing an audience of close to 1000)
  • The William Morris Gallery (as part of the ‘museums at night’ initiative)• Performing
  • in East London schools (as part of Black History Month)






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